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104" AJ Slick - Orange

104" AJ Slick - Orange

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104" AJ Slick

Andrew Jesky is one of the top RC aerobatics pilots in the world today. His long list of achievements in Pattern, IMAC, and indoor was crowned in 2010 with the USA National championship in F3a pattern. For the 35% size of IMAC/3D/sport aircraft, Andrew has designed the 104" AJ Slick 540.

The 104" is a no-compromises balsa/ply ARF aircraft. Because it is intended to be a true dual-purpose IMAC and 3D machine, this aircraft includes 2 sets of horizontal stabs/elevators. One set is optimized for 3D flight, the other for IMAC competition. Its design gives truly precise performance with excellent tracking and extremely crisp, accurate snaps, while its low weight and carefully chosen airfoil package give perfect 3D performance. The highly refined aerodynamic design gives very low knife-edge coupling, which needs little or no mixing.

The included parts and features provide extreme performance and real value: carbon landing gear included carbon spinner carbon tailwheel carbon wing tube dual carbon stab tubes sewn cloth wing and stab bags Genuine Ultracote 2 piece cowl pre-finished canopy hatch with tinted canopy aluminum braced motor box with pre-installed firewall 4-40 ball link hardware phenolic horns pre-hinged wings and stabs aluminum wheel hubs removable rudder

The 104" Slick uses a variety of 100-120CC twin cylinder engines such as the DA-100 and DLE-111, but is configured to also easily fit the awesome DA-120CC engine. A tunnel is built in to accommodate tuned pipes or MTW TD-75 dual canisters. Recommended headers are 70mm drop flex style.

The recommended servo setup for the 104" Slick is QTY 8 high-torque metal-gear servos such as the hitec HS-7955TG or HS-7954SH, or the Futaba S9156 or S9157, plus one throttle servo. Recommended servo arms are SWB 2" single sided on all servos for a typical setup, although if a more nose-heavy CG is desired, the rudder servos may be mounted in a pull-pull arrangement using a 4" double arm.

To make transportation easier, the 104" Slick includes a removeable rudder. The height of the rudder when installed is 28". The height of the canopy when the airplane is resting on the ground is 26". See the "Tech Specs" tab below for more dimensions.

104" AJ Slick Manual Wingspan: 104" Length: 96" Wing Area: 2100 Weight (RTF): 25-28 lbs. Engine: 100-120cc Header Drop: 70mm for canister or tuned pipe applications Motor: Hacker Q80-6L ESC: Castle Creations ICE-HV 160A Servos: Hitec HS-7955TG Battery: Thunder Power 12S 10000mAh LiPo Engine: Desert Aircraft DA-120cc Servos: Hitec HS-7950TG All Electronics (See Recommended Components) Extensions 2x 48" Heavy Duty 2x 24" Heavy Duty 1x 18" Heavy Duty 2x 12" Heavy Duty Hardware 5-8x 2" Servo Arms 0-1x 4" Double-Side Servo Arm Mejzlick 27x12 Carbon Propeller or Mejzlick 28x12 Carbon Propeller Adhesives Thin CA 5-30min Epoxy or Gorilla Glue


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