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105.5" Slick 580 EXP- Yellow/Blue

105.5" Slick 580 EXP- Yellow/Blue

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105.5" Slick 580 EXP- Red/White

Are you ready? The most anticipated giant scale aerobatic machine of 2017 has arrived! Introducing the Extreme Flight 105.5" Slick 580 EXP! Designed by Extreme Flight and developed by Jase Dussia, the Slick 580 was designed as a no holds barred, no excuses all out Freestyle competition machine. The first prototypes were sent directly to the Dussia's in Michigan in the Summer of 2016. The aircraft were assembled, setup and dialed in - a few short weeks later Jase won the Clover Creek Invitational Freestyle competition with his new Slick! After the contest further testing was conducted and minor tweaks were made to the airframe to improve strength while reducing weight. Extreme Flight returned to China in November to oversee the implementation of the final changes and tweaks. Now, the Slicks are here, and ready to usher in a new era in 120CC performance!

The new Slick 580 is a masterpiece of integrated carbon and composite reinforced balsa airframe design. Strong, rigid and lightweight with a state of the art aerodynamic package, the Slick excels at XA, 3D and precision aerobatics and is probably the fastest rolling giant scale aerobatic plane in existence. Extreme Flight and Jase evaluated various airfoils, multiple wing planform details, several rudder designs, and more to maximize all these characteristics. Highly stylized with flowing lines and curves reminiscent of a composite airframe, the Slick 580 is simply gorgeous. Currently available in 2 Arron Bates designed ultra modern Ultracote color schemes, the Slick will also be available in Jase's printed competition scheme this Summer.

The Slick ships with a complete hardware package that is competition proven and exactly what Jase uses in his models. It also includes a set of engine baffles that can be trimmed to accommodate most makes of 100-120cc engines.

Rig out your model just like Jase's with our line of Xcessories including Flowmaster tanks, EF fuel dots, 20 AWG twisted servo extensions, high quality aluminum servo arms, MKS servos and DA engines.

If you are looking for the pinnacle of competition level ARF aircraft, here it is!

105" Slick Assembly Manual

Wingspan: 105.5 inches with racing tips Length: 100 inches Wing Area: 1800 sq. in. Weight: 26 to 28 lbs. depending on set up and muffler, canister, pipe choice
Desert Aircraft DA 120ccBlazing Star DA 120 stand-off FlowMaster 34 oz. fuel tank EF Fuel Dot
5 inch
Modern computer radio
A modern radio with channel mixing
Qty. 7 MKS HBL-380 or HV 777 (both highly recommended)Qty. 7 Hitec HS-7950, HSB-9380TH, D-950TW One throttle servo such as the MKS HV-1250
Qty. 4 Extreme Flight 1.5" single servo arms (tapped 3mm) for Ailerons Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 2" single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for Elevators Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 1.5" servo arm (tapped for 3mm) for Push-Pull Rudder OR Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 4" double servo arm (tapped for 3mm) for Pull-Pull Rudder
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24 inch for outboard Ailerons servosQty. 3 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 48 inch for Elevators and Push-Pull RudderQty. 1 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 36 inch for RudderQty. 1 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24 inch for Throttle servo

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