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48" EPP Extra V2

48" EPP Extra V2

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Part Number:3DH-48EPP EXTRA

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Power Combo
Torque 2814T/820 Motor and Airboss 45A ESC Combo [+$120.00]
40 mm EF Spinner
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48" EPP Extra

The new 48" EPP Extra V2 combines the best of the worlds of balsa and EPP foam! Utilizing a new foam formulation, the 48" Extra brings new stiffness and precision to this class of aircraft, and enhances the legendary durability of EPP construction. This airplane will become your go-to practice plane for down-low maneuvers and is a great low-stress 3D park flyer.

The 48" EPP Extra employs built up EPP foam structure with a carbon backbone, carbon wing tube, removable airfoiled wings, carbon stiffening in the wings, fuse, and tail, SFG's - which all combine to give superb flight performance and serious durability.

With the removable wings, transporting is easy and assembly at the field takes less than a minute. The Extra uses the most common sizes of battery and servos so you probably already have most of the necessary equipment. A magnetic top hatch makes battery changes quick and easy for lots of uninterrupted flying - and considering what a superb high performance 3D practice plane this is, you will want to fly nonstop.

The Extra is extra rugged, the EPP foam and carbon backbone technology mean you can survive most hard crashes with little or no repair work to do. Spring steel landing gear help soak up the hard hits too, while large free rolling wheels allow use from a variety of surfaces.

The Extra is recommended for use with our Torque 2814T/820 motor, an Airboss 45 amp ESC, and 4 X Hitec HS-65MG servos. As rugged as this airframe is, you will want metal servo gears so that the servos are rugged too. A 3S 2100-2200mah lipo is recommended. 4S 1500-2200 can also be used. We recommend assembling with thick and thin regular CA glue, and repairing with Welder's glue.

Either as your next step up from flat EPP foam planes, a fantastic practice plane, or your no-worries go-to hardcore aerobatics plane, the Extras delivers with super-low coupling, extremely easy 3D and good speed and handling in gusty winds. Give the Extra a try, you'll fall in love with it!

48" EPP Extra build manual Wingspan 48" 36-40 oz. with lipo Power System Torque 2814T/820 Use with 14x7 prop and 3S 2200-3200mah lipo for approx 500W. Use with 12x6 prop and 4S 1500-2200mah lipo for approx 700W. ESC AirBoss 45A Servos Qty. 4 Hitec HS-65MG Servo Extensions Qty. 2 18-24 inch Qty. 2 6-8 inchSpinner40 mm