The Extreme Flight Extra 300-EXP ARF

Extreme Flight Extra 300 EXP
Photo: Jerry Smith

Introducing the Extreme Flight
Extra 300-EXP Arf

Extreme Flight RC is pleased to announce the release of the new 48 inch wingspan Extra 300EXP ARF.
Incorporating many forward thinking design elements, the EXP is the result of several months of R&D, flight testing and refinement.
Loosely based on the mid wing Extra 300, the EXP has been manipulated to offer the most aggressive flight envelope imaginable.
Following is a brief rundown of some of the unique design features that contribute to the amazing flight capabilities of the Extra 300EXP.

-Forward canopy placement places the tallest portion of the fuselage over the CG, which is optimum for best knife edge performance.

-Huge airfoiled control surfaces utilizing geodetic construction provide the ultimate in yaw, pitch and roll authority.

-Carbon fiber longerons and motor box supports add enormous strength and rigidity to the airframe, while G10/lite ply composite laminates make for a robust landing gear mount.

-One piece airfoiled molded carbon fiber landing gear and tailwheel bracket provide solid ground handling and contribute to the awesome appearance of the EXP.

-Long tail moment contributes to rock solid precision flight performance and tracking.

-Spring loaded hatch latch provides instant access to battery tray and interior of aircraft while providing a solid attachment point for the canopy.

-2 piece wing mounts on a carbon fiber wing tube and is easily removed for transport.

-G10 elevator horn bolts on to stock servo arm to allow for insane elevator travel.

-Rudder and elevator servo mount in the rear of the aircraft and utilize a short direct drive carbon fiber pushrod with ball link for slop free control surface actuation.

-Removable Side Force Generators add tremendously to the effective side area of the EXP increasing rudder authority and improving knife edge and high alpha stability.

-2 gorgeous genuine Ultracote color schemes available with expertly painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.

-Complete hardware package and decal sheet included.

-High level of pre-fabrication allows you to get the EXP in the air in as little as 3 hours!

Extreme Flight Extra 300 EXP
Extreme Flight R/C Extra EXP

* Spinner Not Included

Here is a Great Video From Our Friend Daniel Holman!

NEW Videos of the 48" Extra.
Many Thanks to Fred Midgett and Higher Plane Productions.


Click HERE for the WMV format Movie (59Mb)

Click HERE for a High Def, Quicktime Version(137Mb)


New video from Pal Sorenson of the 48" Extra 300 EXP

Wingspan: 48 inches
Length: 48 inches
Wing Area: 500 sq. in.
Weight: 42-46 oz.
Power: 2814/820 Outrunner with Airboss 45A Esc w/ 4S 2300 - 2700mAh LiPo battery
Radio: 5 channel w/ 4 sub-micro servos and ESC


Box Contents

Extra 300-EXP ARF only
$179.95 + shipping

Power Combo
Extra 300-E ARF
Torque 2814/820 brushless motor
Airboss 45 Elite ESC

$299.95 + Shipping

Looking for the Manual?

Click here

A brand New video from our friend Daniel Holman
Click here to View (WMV 56Mb)

New Video of the 48" Extra in Action
Click Here

More Video Here!

Jens Van Dorpe tearing it up!

And Yet another Great video from Jens Van Dorpe
Click here to Watch!

Designed around the Torque 2814T/820 (spacers included to accommodate other motors) and Airboss Elite 45 Amp ESC utilizing a 4S 2200-2600 mah LiPo battery
, the EXP achieves ballistic performance from this motor. We use and recommend the APC 12x6E prop with this combo.

We offer money saving combos with either motor/esc package.
We also highly recommend the Hitec HS-65MG, HS-5065MG digital servo, or Futaba S3156MG for control surface actuation.

The Extra 300EXP is by far the most advanced and best performing small electric aircraft that Extreme Flight has released to date. Give us a call or place your order in our on-line store and experience for yourself the incredible flight envelope of the Extra 300EXP.

Red Extra 300 EXP

Extreme Flight Extra EXP
Extreme Flight Extra EXP
Extreme Flight Extra EXP


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