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Last update: January 14, 2015
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Andrew Girdler sent us this picture from the UK. He writes, "Just attaching some pics of my
Extreme Flight MXS EXP 48" I've been flying at the University of Bath in the UK
Hacker A30-14L w APC 12x6E, Hacker X-Pro-SB-40 ESC, 2250mAh 4S 30C Thunderpower LiPo,
2x Savöx SH-0255 Aileron Servos, Hitec HS-85MG Elevator, Servo Hitec HS-65MG Rudder Servo, Futaba 7C FASST Radio
Thank you :) Andrew Girdler " No Thank you Andrew for the picture and the support!

We received this picture from France! "Hey Chris ! On that picture is my 91" Extra, Soufian Elmokhtari's Laser 60",
Romain Lafont's Yak 48" and Edouard Knoll's Extra 48", every planes are electric powered but soon to come a
91" Extra or Yak with DA60 for another guy of the club and maybe a 76" MXS electric powered! Since I introduced my friends
to EF two years ago we begin to be a great team and its a real pleasure for me to work that way for Extreme Flight
that I honestly recommend as the best 3D planes company available today !! Couple videos are on my youtube channel
'' Maverick-Models ''. Best regards from France, Hugo Chapus."Thanks for all the support! We appreciate it!

Matt Gast sends us this pic and email, "Metter GA, supports Extreme Flight, I never thought I would have this many air frames
of the same brand in my yard at one time. But since discovering the build quality an supreme flying characteristics
of Extreme Flight, I can't see buying any thing else. And they all have Hitec servos. Thank you, Matt Gast"
No Matt, Thank You! We appreciate the support!

Recieved this message at our Facebook Page, "Hello MR Extreme Flight ! I have just purchased an EF 91"
from Steve Richardson from DA Australia ! I have flown a few mid market planes until I could afford one if yours !
I couldn't put the 70cc which I wanted but had a DA 5o early version laying around so I built it up two weeks ago
before our Nationals here In Australia ! It was a little under powered due to the engine size ... But ..
That little baby just helped me look fantastic and compete with world class pilots for the first time ..
Something I have only dreamed day and night the last 3years ! Thank you very much for building such a
darn straight shooting plane like These ! Now my daughter is moving to sportsman next year
and looking to fly it in freestyle as well ! Proud moment !
Any way thanks a million to all your Team !! Regards Ray and Taylor Murray" Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the support!

J. Mardani from Tehran, Iran sends us this picture of his 91" Yak. engine:DLE 61 servo:savox 1283SG
Photo taken at the Torgoz abad airport. Thanks for the Great Pic!

Team EXP, supported by Bert Delaere of, has been tearing it up on the show circuit in Europe.
These guys are putting on amazing displays of aerobatic prowess and demonstrating the full potential of the EXP series aircraft. Great job guys!

We just received this: "Im Friedrich i'm 12 Years old and i live in Germany. I fly 4 Extreme Flight planes (the BEST planes ever) :
the Outlaw, the 48" Edge, the 88" Extra and the 104" Extra all Electric. My 104" Extra is powered by:
Engine: Plettenberg Predator 30/8 evo Speed Controller: Jeti Master Spin 220 Pro OPTO Batterie: SLS 14S 8000mAh
Prop: Mejzlik 30x13 Evo LF And the 88" Extra is powered by: Engine: Hacker Q80-7M Speed Controller: Jeti Master Spin 170 pro OPTO Batterie: SLS 10S 5000mAh Prop: Xoar Electric 24x12" Thanks for the pics and thanks for the setup info!

Amit Doron took on the World and did a great job. Amit represented Israel in the recent 2014 IMAC World Championships
flying in Sportsman class. Amit handled his 104" Extra wonderfully and should be very proud!

S. Khalid sent us this picture of his 78" Extra. He writes, "Xoar 20x8, DLE35, 7955TG all round, SWB arms, Duralite Li-Ions.
Flies like a butter knife!!! The only major problem is that I don't get to fly it enough :( " Get out there and fly!!

Just found this note in our inbox, "Just a note to let you know what a great plane the new 91" YAK is.
I have flown the plane about 12 times and it is great. Of the planes I have from Extreme Flight this is the very best to this point.
I took it to a EAA fly in and the folks who are RC pilots were really impressed with it.
Several pilots said they are going to purchase the new 91" YAK 54. I have attached a couple of pictures.
I'm almost 71 and only fly 3D...what a great plane. Loren" Nice custom graphics and Thanks for the support!

Richard Gareau sent us this email, "Last summer my son Alexandre and I spent our weekends traveling to different funflys
to fly our 78’’ extras together. We managed to fly a somewhat synchronized routine by the end of the summer.
It was one of the best summers ever, hope we can do it again this year. Thank you for making amazing airplanes.
Setup is, E-flite power 160, Xoars 20 X 10, Castle Creation Ice 120 HV, 10S 5000 40c."
Looks great and Thanks for the support!!

Marco Lorenzin from Italy sends us this picture of his 91" Extra and this comment, "An amazing airplane!!!!
my Extra with EME 60 , savox 1283 and AS Power tuned pipe is extremely fantastic ... Great Job !!!!"
Thanks for the support, Marco!

Tristen Lobbezoo sent this in to us, "Here is my pictures of my brand new 60" extra!!! This is my best plane ever!
Extreme flight is the cat's meow! I love the color scheme on this bird! Makes me want to buy another one and mount it!
I recommend this plane to everyone looking for a 3D plane! Setup: Torque 4016/500 V2, Airboss 80amp ESC,
Hitech 5245's, Dubro super strength servo arms, Hayin 6s 4000, 3300 mAh packs, APC 15x6 prop, AR6200 rx"
Looks great Tristen and thanks for the support!

Received this from Matt Gast, "Hi guys thank you for making these very nice planes hope you will add one of these
pix to your galley. I have the 48" Extra EXP, the 64" MXS EXP, and the 91" Yay-54 EXP sporting the new DA 70 twin.
Hitec servos all around." Great pic and thanks for the support!

Received this email from our friend Joe Black, "Hi guys. I took a couple pictures of a friend and his 60" Edge
that we recently completed the graphics on. Pilot's name is Todd Ballard from Maiden, NC. He's running on the
recommended 4016/500KV motor and Airboss 80A ESC Power Combo. It's one of his favorite planes to take
and show off at fly-ins and it's turned quiet a few heads." Thanks for the picture and thank you for the support!

We received this pic from JaeKwan Han of South Korea. His 88" Yak is powered with a DA50+mtw tuned .
hitec 7950th for servos. Thanks for the pic!

Received this email: "Just wanted to tell you that I am EXTREME-ly happy with my 2M Vanquish! The plane flies GREAT
with very little mixing (almost none)! The Extreme Flight motor is very good too, in fact I am going to back
the CF 21X14 prop back a bit to slow it down and extend flight time. Thanks for providing us with such a fine pattern product
in the days of 3D. Attached is a picture of my Vanquish. Thanks! Bill Watkins"
Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the support!

We received this email from Italy! "Hi, i’m Cristiano from Italy; this is Cristian, six years old (now seven),
the youngest pilot at the Radio Model Show held in Ozzano (Italy), with his EF Extra 300 91”
(DA 60 engine and JR servos): an excellent airplane. Thanks to all the staff for your great job.
Best regards. Fierabracci Cristiano and his son Cristian." Thanks for the support and Great Job guys!!

Wayne Dickey sent this picture in of his twin Extras with custom graphics. Wayne write, "The Extra 300 (104) is
powered by DA 120, Futaba 8 Channel radio with BLS 157 servos across the board, using the
PowerBox Competition Power management system/ignition switch, and two Futaba SBus receivers into the PowerBox.
I am also using two Fromeco 5200 mah Lipo batteries into the PowerBox and one Fromeco 2600 mah Lipo for the ignition.
For the 60” Extra EXP I am using your Power Combo with the Airboss 80 Elite ESC and the Torque 4016/500 brushless motor.
Again Futaba 8 channel radio with the Hitec HS-7245 servos. The battery is the Turnigy 5000 MaH 6S Lipo driving the
APC 15X6 prop. Basically all of the gear that you recommend. I have yet to fly the plane, but I know it is going to be exciting.
Thanks for all that you do to support the hobby. You are greatly appreciated."
No Wayne, Thank You for the support, we do appreciate it!

Wow! Talk about dedication! We had the pleasure of meeting Bob Taffs at the 2013 Joe Nall Event.
Bob had travelled all the way from Ontario Canada to attend the event.. and decided to pick up a 60" Extra while there.
Yep, that is the Extra on top of the trailer!!!!! Bob reports that he, his wife, and the Extra all made it safely home to Canada!
Great meeting you Bob, and thanks for the support!

"Aaron "Bones" Garle here from the Land Down Under. Just thought you might like to put this photo.
After many years of flying IMAC, I have decided to give F3A a go to help with my flying skills.
My second competition I entered this year was the Australian Pattern Masters where I placed 3rd in the Masters Category.
I also recieved a position on the Australian F3A Team for this years World Championships in South Africa that I have accepted.
The plane that I was flying was a friends 2m Vanquish that I had only had 4 flights on before the competition started.
The gear that was used: - F3A Silver Bullet motor - 5000mah 10S battery - Mejlik 21x13E prop - Futaba Servos
Thumbs up for making a great Pattern aircraft " - Awesome stuff and Congrats to Aaron for making the Worlds!

We recently received this email from Team Extreme pilot Daniel Holman. Daniel is one of the most talented
RC pilots I have ever met and a true gentleman and ambassador for the hobby.
Daniel writes: "My 91" Extra 300EXP is powered by a DA-60 on a KS-1060 pipe turning a Vess 24B Stealth propeller
which provides excellent power in 3D as well as high-speed aerobatics. I am running JR 8711HVs
on the elevators and rudder, JR MP-82T's on the ailerons, and a JR 8917HV on the throttle.
Everything is guided by my Spektrum DX-18 transmitter and a Spektrum AR-9110 PowerSafe DSMX receiver.
Receiver power is provided by a pair of Fromeco 2,600mah Li-ion batteries with a Fromeco DC-Up MKII
to keep the amperage up during the most demanding loads. This airplane is the epitome of EXTREME
and is the most capable giant scale airplane that I have flown. It feels like a giant foamy with insane control authority
through all 3D maneuvers, is exceptional for XA (Extreme Aerobatics) type flying, and still flies sequences better than many 35%
airplanes. Extreme Flight has done an outstanding job producing what is, in my honest opinion,
the best 3D/XA/IMAC hybrid airplane in production!" - Daniel Holman

Local RC pilot and friend Chris Mercer and his son Hunter with their new Extreme Flight aircraft! Chris has the
78" Extra which is powered with the E-Flite Power 1.60 on a 10S setup. Hunter has the 64" MXS-EXP
powered by a Motrolfly motor and sporting a custom graphics package from Eric Bryant at B&E Graphix.
Great looking planes guys!

Team Extreme member Jase Dussia sends us some Great pictures of thier 60" Extra
all set up for night flying with an Aurora RC kit! Can't wait to see it in flight!

Team Extreme Member Avery Poole showing off his hardware after winning First in Sportsman IMAC Class with his
104" Extra and First in Freestyle with his "E" Powered 78" Extra at the IMAC Southeast Regional Championships

Jordan Fuller sends us this wonderful pic of two aspiring pilots and the 60" Extra! Jordan writes,
"After flying this plane it is the best flying plane I have flown at this time. I was surprised how easy it was to do a knife edge.
This plane will go with me each time to the field for sure. I am very impressed with how this plane is put together
from the support in back where the vent is on the bottom side, to the wings that have 2 anti-rotation pins in them and not just
relying on the wing bolt. For me when spending money on a plane I like to know attention to detail was followed. I am using a motorfly motor running on 4s 4000s. I have an align 75 esc and hitec hs 225mg servos all around." Thanks for the picture and thanks for the support!

Local pilot and friend Nathan Cicio and his lovely girlfriend Ashley with Nathan's Laser EXP.
Nathan's Laser is powered by the Torque 2814T/820 brushless outrunner, an E-Flite 60 Amp ESC and uses
Hitec HS-65MG servos. He uses a Spektrum DX-18 for guidance.

Benjamin Lavayssiere sends us this picture of his 88" Extra taken while competing in the
French Extreme Flight Championship. Awesome shot!!!! His set up is: DLE55 engine, propeller 23/8,
servos Hitec 7954SH HV aileron/elevator, futaba BLS152 on rudder, Spektrum DX8 radio.

Chris Prince from North Carolina sends us this pic and writes, "This is by far the best flying airplane I have ever flown.
It has a DA 120 on the front swinging a Vess 28/10 ,HT 7955's all the way around. Graphics are designed
by Wild Child Grafix. Thanks for all the hard work in the engineering and designing of the yak 54." Thanks for the support!!

John Skinner of Mineola, TX sent us this picture of his recently completed 104" Extra 300.
John's Extra has a DA120 on DA compact exhaust, Spektrum DX18 guidance, Hitec 7955 servos on elevator
and ailerons and a Hitec 7950 on rudder. An SMJ spinner finishes it off beautifully!
John writes "I call her Lil' Surprise since my wife purchased it for me without me knowing after the XFC.
I know I'll never be a Daniel Holman or Chris Hinson flying it, but I do know I'm having a blast with it!"
Thanks so much for your business and support John, it is much appreciated!

Team Extreme member, Daniel Holman, sent in this picture and writes, "The new 64" MXS has fast become
one of my two favorite electric airplanes with it's excellent blend of razor sharp precision and mind-blowing 3D!
I'm using the recommended Torque 4016T/500 V2 motor, Airboss 80A Elite ESC, Falcon 16x8E propeller,
JR 3711HV servos, JR 921X receiver, Thunder Power 2s, 850mah receiver battery, and 6s, 4,000mah flight packs
and a custom graphics package from B&E Graphix. All guided by my new Spektrum DX-18 transmitter.
This airplane is truly EXTREME!"

Aaron Garle of Australia, came up to compete in the Recent Clover Creek Invitational. Due to some logistical issues,
Aaron could not get his planes here to the States. So Extreme Flight Owner and President Chris Hinson loaned Aaron
his personal 104" Extra to compete in the freestyle events. Looks like Aaron is right at home with the 104" ;)
Thanks to Higher Plane Productions for the use of the photo!

Alan Goljevscek of Slovenia sends us the awesome montage with his 125" Extra.
Setup: MVVS 152 IRS motor, Futaba servos and guidance, Emcotec power supply
Location: model show in Lesce, Slovenia

Daniel Štuklek from Slovenia sends us this picture of his 110" Yak. Daniel writes: This is my (custom) homemade graphics.
Here is the some information about the plane: - motor 3W106 with 3W mufflers - Prop Mejzlk 28x10 -
Servos Hitec HS-7954 all around, only on rudder i have HS-7980TH.

Sandro Gotz from Switzerland sends this picture with his 70" Extra After winning the Swiss Freestyle Championships.
Great Job Sandro! Sandro uses an Axi 5320/18 @ 6S, APC 20x8e, ESC Phoenix Ice 120HV, and Hitec-HS 5625MG.

Rene from Belgium sends us this picture of his 70" Extra. His setup is: ICE 100 , AXi 5320/18 on 6S ,5000m with
JRProPo XG8 in hands. Rene Writes, "just fantastic how this 70" aircraft flies with just 6S Thankx Extreme Flight,
Aerobertics and Donatas Pauzuolis for recommending me this extra."

Local friend and Extreme Flight pilot Michael Timms sent us these great shots of his 88 inch Edge 540T.
Michael says: "Here are a couple pics of the 88" Edge for the pilot gallery.
I'm loving this plane - it's by far my favorite plane of all time!"
Michael's Edge is equipped with the following equipment: DA-60 with stock muffler, Futaba Guidance,
Hitec HS-7955's all around, Fromeco Switches, TrueTurn Ultimate Spinner, SmartFly remote ignition kill, BandE Graphix
Tons of Awesome!

Team Extreme pilot Jase "The Ace" Dussia of Otsego, Michigan with his brand new 88 inch Edge 540T MKII.
Jase's Edge is powered by a DA-60 with an MTW RE2 tuned pipe turning a Vess Stealth 24B.
It has a JR power-safe Rx and is guided by the new DX18 from Spektrum. The servo's are all Hitec 7955's
except for the rudder servo which is a JR 8911HV. Two Fromeco 2600's power the servos and a single 2600 powers the ignition. The Edge also features a custom graphics package designed by Eric Bryant of B&E Graphix and a Tru-turn spinner.

We just received this email: "These are all the Extreme Flight models together with their happy pilots at a
one-week flying event in the Netherlands. I think I can speak for the other pilots and for myself if I say, Extreme Flight Rocks! Regards, Ron Smetsers" WOW!!!! Awesome guys! Thanks so much for the support!

Here's a great picture sent in from David Scott Malcomb. David writes: "Here are a few pictures of my boys and I
with our Extreme Fleet. We live in Oviedo, Florida and belong to the Oviedo Model Airplane club
that flies at Shane Kelley Park. Our current Extreme Fleet consists of: 60" Edge 540T EXP with Motrolfly 4315-480,
Hitec 5245s on Spektrum DX7, 60" Extra 300 with Motrolfly 4315-480, Hitec 5245s.
48" MXS-EXP with Torque 2814/820 with Airboss 60amp ESC with HS65MGs on the ailerons and rudder and an HS85MG on the elevator.
48" Edge 540T EXP with Omega 130g, Hacker 55amp ESC with HS65MGs on ailerons and rudder with an HS85MG on the elevator. 48" Extra 300EXP Blue with Hacker 30-14L V1 with Ice Lite 50amp ESC with HS65MGs on ailerons
and rudder and an HS85MG for the elevator.
48" Extra 300EXP Red with Omega 130g, Castle Thunderbird 54 with HS65MGss on ailerons and rudder with an HS85MG on the elevator."
Thank so much for the picture and details of you guy's Extreme Fleet! We love hearing of a father and his sons enjoying this great hobby together!

Pictured here is Gary Valenzuela with his 110" Yak. Gary has been competing in the NW Region of IMAC
and has been racking up the credits in the Extreme Flight Competition Rewards Program!
Congrats Gary and thanks for the support!

Received this email from Chili, "Dear Chris, As we talked today I'm sending you the pics and description
of the Extra 88" I own. EXTRA 300 88" Motor: Hacker A6018L ESC: Hacker / Jeti Advance 90 Plus,
Aileron and elevator servos, Hitec HS-7955TG Rudder servo: HS-7950TH 15Amps BEC
12CH JR Receiver 3 satellites. 2 X 6S 5000 mAh battery pack for motor. 2S 1900 mAh to Receiver.
This is the best airplane I have ever flown. From the first flight vicious less knife edges,
outstanding performance of snake rolls, lomcevaks. Superb execution of 4 and 8 point rolls,
high alpha rolls and suicide slides. -- Nicolás "Lomcevaker" Zamorano" Thanks for the Support!!

Al Renkle of Sebastian, FL gets up-close and personal with his new 104" Extra 300. Al's Extra is powered by a DA-120
and uses Savox servos. Al is also using one of the new SMJ 5" carbon fiber spinners made by our good buddy
Steve Johnston from here in the Atlanta area. Awesome flying Al!

Recieved this in my email today, "Please find enclosed pictures of excellent EF YAK 54 110". I have the red/white
scheme and my friend has black/yellow version.
Both YAKs are powered by same engine 3W-110 ib2, MTW RE2 tuned pipes and Mejzlik 29x10 Evo propeller.
Planes are equiped by Sullivan smoke system, Hitec servos (my has HS-7950 on 7,4V, another has HS-7955 on 6V).
My red/white Yak is equiped by Powerbox Competition SRS with JR DSM2 satelites and controled by JR DSX9 transmitter.
My friend has used powerbox Evolution and Futaba remote system. EF YAK 110" has really excelent flight characteristics
I think like a 40% size plane. I believe I will have chance try your 123" or 104" Extra in near future :-) .
Best regards Rostislav Lesniak and Martin Koch Czech Republic" Thanks for the support Guys!

Jeanette Hibpshman with her 125" Extra just after dunking the rudder in the pond at Joe Nall!
Jeanette flies her 125" with a DA-150 on the nose and she flies it well!
Jeanette also uses her 125" to compete quite successfully in IMAC competitions.

This letter came to us today: " My name is Chiel De Brouwer, I' m 14 years old and I live in Belgium.
My 58" extra 300 has the following setup; motor; Torque revolution 4014T/ 570 prop; APC 15"X 8" esc;
Castle Phoenix Ice100A battery; Flight Power 5S 3700mAh servos; 4X Hitec mighty mini HS-225BB
and 1X Hitec high torque HS-635HB on the rudder. receiver; Futaba R617FS 2.4 GHz
My 88" extra 300 has the following setup; motor; DA 50CC with BMB muffler. prop; Mejzlik carbon 23"X 8"
battery; 2X Evo Flight power 2S 1800mAh receiver battery (with Powerbox switch). 1X Evo Flight power
2S 1800mAh ignition battery (with Powerbox switch). servos; 1X Hitec HS-7955-TG on the rudder. 2X Hitec HS-7985-MG on the elevator. 2X Hitec HS-7985-MG on the ailerons. 1X Hitec HS 635 HB on the throttle. receiver; Futaba R6008HS 2.4 GHz
Thanks to" Great shot and thanks for the support!

We just received this letter: "Hello Extreme-flight I'm Lowie Becaus and I've got the best weekend of my life
with the new Extreme-flight Extra 300 EXP 60" V2 and I wanna thank you again for this great airplane!
This is my third EXP and my best! It is stable as the 70" Extra 300 EXP and sharp as the 48" Extra 300 EXP. I'm sorry I chanced the colours, but in Belgium everybody loves EF so much that everyone has the same airplane!
Thats why i did a little upgrade! I fly the recommanded Torque 4016T-500 with a Castle Ice 100 lite ESC speedcontroller
and a 10 AMP bec. And finally the recommanded Hitec HS-5245MG servo's.
Extreme-flight is just the best and keep making such great planes please!!! " Thanks for the support and the plane looks Great!

Chris Todd writes, "My 78" Extra has well over 1,000 flights on it, and has taken a lot of abuse, but is still holding strong.
It's my "Go-To" plane for having fun. The plane has seen it all. I've bashed the rudder enough times
that I broke the pull-pull, several inverted landings thanks to my awesome pilot skills, many full throttle
parachutes as well as sitting in a lake for 45 minutes. The 78" Extra is by far one of the strongest planes I have owned,
and continues to fly well. Power is provided by a stock Syssa 30cc engine, and has JR guidance.
Thanks for the awesome planes! I'm looking forward to adding more to my hanger!"
Thanks for the support Chris and thank you for your service!

Giorgio Loda from Italy, sends us this picture of his Electric powered88" Yak.
Set up Hacker q80-8m, propeller fiala 25x8, lipo Turnigy nanotech 6s 6000. Looks Great!

Rene from Belgium writes, "the EXP is my first extreme flight aircraft, just love it, was flying it all day.
the setup, your torque and boss, as suggested for the EXP 60" 4 HS5245MG, thunder power 5S 3850m 45C vox 15X8 prop,
plenty of power, and reaction is just how i want it greetz and thankx again, will support Extreme Flight in any way possible."
Thank you, Rene..for the support!

Gerry Dale of Dallas, GA with his 125 inch Extra 300. Gerry's Extra is powered by a DA-170 on KS 1090 tuned pipes
turning a Mejzlick 29x12N 3 blade prop. Gerry is using a Futaba 14MZ for guidance and Futaba 9157 servos.

Local friend Michael Timms with his 78" Extra 300 powered by the Eflite Power 160.
Michael has really been putting in some time behind the sticks and it shows. Nice flying Michael!

Jamie Hicks sends us this great picture of his 48" MXS EXP. Great Pciture Jamie and thanks for the support!

Timen Deprince from Belgium sends us this picture of his E-Powered 125" Extra! Timen writes,
"I really love the plane, it is very stable, it flies smooth 3D and it is very good for imac flights.
setup: -Hacker A200 -Jeti spin 300 -Thunderpower 14s 3p 15000mah -8x Hitec HS-7980TH -powerbox competition SRS
-2x Futaba R6108SB -Futaba 12Z" Great stuff and thanks!

Just received this: "Hi Extremeflight. Here come the latest results from Carl Olsson Sweden flying EF for
Autopartner RC Sweden He has a nice competition record from the first competition 2006.
but started with IMAC 2007 with his Extremeflight planes. 99% of the IMAC competitions is flown with EF planes,
his 74" and 110" YAK54. Next season the 125" Extra will be ready take up the place as primary plane for IMAC and
the 110" for Freestyle. Best Regards Lennart Olsson (Carls crewchief (dad)."
Great Job and Thanks!

Tim Semeraro sends us this pic and note: "The new 60" Extra EXP on recommended setup is amazing! Extreme Flight!!
Join the revolution!!! Here's my money shot!! GREAT Shot Tim and thanks for the support

Jeanette Hibpshman sends us this pics of her new 125" Extreme Flight Extra 300.
Looks like she is pretty comfortable with her new bird!
Looks Great and Thanks for the support!

Tom Winand from Belgium sends us this pic of his 110" Yak. Powered by a DA100L with BMB tuned pipes,
Mejzlik 25x12S 3bl. prop, Hitec HS7955TG all around. Great pciture and thanks for the support!!

Chris Manns of Winston Salem, N.C. on the 3D flight line at the 2011 Triple Tree E-Week fly-in with his
60 inch Edge 540T and 48 inch Extra 300EXP. Chris' aircraft are powered by the recommended
Torque and Airboss power systems. We first met this fine young man at SEFF 2011 and were very impressed
with his flying abilities. His passion for flying 3D has led him to practice diligently, often burning through 20 LiPo packs a day.
The improvement in his flying skills between SEFF and E-Week was amazing! This is definitely a young man to watch!

Hi Extreme Flight!
We thought it would be a good idea to send you some pictures of the recent fun and success with our Extreme Flight Planes! The first picture is from the 2011 Black Hills Huckfest.
Ross and I were voted as "Kings of the Fest". The second photo is of me hovering the 110" Yak after I won "3D Throwdown Champion" at the Huckfest. There were six other pilots (including Ross). We both flew the 110" Yaks for the competition, and they mentioned the difference between me and my brother was one tenth of a point! We know the planes helped with success! They present very well, especially when we fly them together.
The other pictures are from our homefield funfly in Paynesville, Minnesota. We got four inches of rain the night before so the field was slightly flooded, but we made the best of it! That's me wearing the knee-high boots hovering the 88" Yak.
The picture with the three 48" EXP's is of Ross (The right Extra) our friend Jeremiah Hausauer (The left Extra) and myself with the MXS.
The final pictures are of Ross hovering "Number 2" over the flooded field.
Thank you for the amazing planes and customer service! The planes are a hit no matter where we bring them, and they last forever! The 88" Yak is at least 5 years old and has a ridiculous amount of flights on it, but it just keeps on going!
Thanks again,
Paul Hollermann

We received this email from Italy, "Pilots are Michele Cordella with the 88” one and Cristiano Da Rold with the
bigger one Engines DLE 55 and 111, servos hitec 7955-7954, radio futaba t10 and aurora 9 (88”).
The planes are amazing… For Cristiano is the 5th EF plane (3x 88” and 2x110”), and for me the first but not the least
Regards, michele Belluno, ITALY" Thanks for the Support, guys!

Lowie Becaus & Jonas Van Assche from Belgium with their 48" extra 300EXP and MXS 48" EXP
They write:"In Belgium we all love Extreme-flight RC!!!!!!!! special thanks to Aerobertics!!!" Thanks guys!

Eric Bryant sends us this picture of his 70" Extra. Custom graphics are from B&E Graphics which Eric incidentally owns!

Local EF friend Michael Timms of Hoschton, GA effortlessly hovers his new Red, White and Blue 60 inch Edge 540T
on a beautiful 4th of July afternoon, 2011. Michael's Edge is powered by the recommended Torque 4016T/500 motor
and Airboss Elite 80 Amp ESC using Sky Lipo 3300 6S batteries and Hitec 5245 servos. Looking good Michael!

Manuel Woelke from Mühlheim in South Germany with his 70" Extra 300. His setup is the axi 5320/18 with jeti spin99 @6s
Great shot and thanks for the support!

Massimo Verzi writes: "I'm enjoying my 48" MXS EXP, running Hacker A30-14L V2 motor,
Scorpion Commander 60A ESC, Hitec HS65MG for ailerons and rudder and HS85MG for elevator,
Xoar PJN 12x6, Hyperion G3 VX 2200 mAh 4s1p - 14,8 V 35C - 65C batteries.
I fly at Gruppo Aeromodellisti Bollate, Castellazzo di Bollate field. The MXS is by far the best airplane I've ever flown. Thank you Extreme Flight for all the efforts in producing such a fantastic and performing airframe." Thank you Massimo!

Frank Gelatka writes, "I finally got all my graphics on the 110"! Here's my specs, DA100,not the L Version,stock exhaust,
JR12X,JR 12ch. Powersafe RX, 42% A123 batts x 2,42% ignition kill, Hitec 5955tg's for the elevs.,
7994sh X4 for ailerons,single 7980 for the rudder. Embry Riddle Graphics from B&E
This is my 5th Extreme Flight Rc plane,and it won't be my last !! Thanks again !!" No, Thank you Frank!

Team Extreme Belgium member Jens Van Dorpe sends us these pictures from the
3DCollege Big Scale Fly in in Belgium! Great showing for Extreme Flight airframes!
We are told there is at least one 48" airframe that is missing... but it did well in the lowest flat spin contest! :)

Chris Whitworth of Team McFueler sends us this picture.. Hmmm.. With Chris Whitworth at the controls..
and Adam Ranck spotting at the Corryton, TN Huckfest
We think the Edge looks like a million dollars!

Adam Lucas from Australia sends us this picture. "This is my new 110inch Yak running a DA 120 on MTW cans
and JR 11X. Flying at the Gold Coast Australia this is one of the best Aircraft I have ever flown
combined with the DA 120 its got soooo much power you can do anything, thanks guys for a great new toy!! "

Allen Pineda sends this picture of his 78" Extra. His setup is: Motor - Scorpion 5525-225kv ESC -
Turnigy sentilion HV 100amp. Servos - 5 turnigy 9150 Battery -
10S Rhino 3700mah Prop - APC 22x10 E Power - 3.4 KW.

Tom Kitt flying his Extreme Flight Extra 300 EXP 48" at MCRC. He is running the recommended
Torque/Airboss combo on 3S LiPo batteries with Savox SH-0255mg servos. Thanks Tom!!

Bert Delare and "Team Aerobertics" from Belgium with their fleet of Extreme Flight high performance airframes.
Beautiful shot guys!

Dan Landis writes, "Here are a few pics of the 70 inch Extra. I have to start off by saying its awsome!! If flies great.
I have about 5 flights on it now and it really is amazing, super light and tons of power.
My set up is a RimFire 120 with a Castle Ice 100 and a 6s 4550 mah Lipo.
I am using Futaba 9650's on the elevators, Futaba 9156 on the ailerons and a Futaba 9157 on the Rudder.
Thanks for designing such a great flying plane! Dan Landis" Thank you, Dan!

Team Extreme member, Daniel Holman having a little fun with the Extreme Flight 48" Edge 540t EXP.
Daniel's Edge is powered with the Torque 2814/820 motor with an Airboss 45A Elite ESC.
What a gorgeous flying site Daniel has!

Tim Semeraro of Astoria, NY sent us this awesome shot of his MXS hovering mere inches over the snow.
Tim is using a Hitec A9, Optima 7 receiver, 3 Hitec HS-65MGs, 1 HS-85MG, Airboss Elite 45 Amp ESC
& Omega 130g outrunner motor With Hyperion 2200 3cell 30c packs.
Tim says: "Extreme Flight's MXS EXP has changed the game! From its scale looks to its
superior build quality, it doesn't get any better! Rock solid elevators, harrier and knife edge with no bad habits!
The MXS is a must have plane! Fly Extreme!" Tim Semeraro, NY USA...

Here is a pic of Team Diesel... All Extreme Flight Edge 540's... Two have DA60s... One has DLE55...
From left to right... Mark McClellan, Jimmy Ritch, Chris Whitworth... Fun weekend in the wind! Thanks Guys!

"3D Madman "Doc" Austin Brammer putting is 48" Extra 300 EXP through the wringer. Doc's Extra is powered by
our Torque 2814T/820 and Airboss Elite 45 Amp ESC."

Justin Sebastian sends us this picture from a rare, recent warm day! His 88" Yak is powered with a DA-50
And the 48" Edge is powered with the Torque 2814/820 motor. Thanks for the Support!

"Chris, I received my 110” YAK in late 2009 and set it up to fly IMAC competition for 2010.
Below is a listing of how the plane performed in IMAC competitions for 2010: 7 Southeast Region Senior 1st Places
5 Southeast Region Sportsman 1st Places, 1 Southeast Region Sportsman 3rd Place,
Southeast Regional Championship IMAC Sportsman 1st Place, Southeast Regional Championship IMAC Senior 1st Place
Southeast Regional Championship Sportsman 2010 Points Winner,
Southeast Regional Championship Senior 2010 Points Winner
Before I got this plane I had never won a contest. Boy I really Love this plane…. Charles T. Youngblood"

Team Extreme Pilot Avery Poole of Blythewood SC with his DA-60 powered 88 inch Yak-54.
Avery's Yak also uses an MTW RE-3 tuned pipe. Nice job Avery!

William Kiehl from Germany flying his 48 inch Edge 540T EXP in the snow. William fabricated these
custom carbon fiber skis for his Edge! He's not going to let a little bit of snow ruin his flying season. Nice work William!

Hey Chris, I now have 235 flights on the plane as of today Nov 1,.2010.
The first flight was on December 15, 2009. In IMAC competition in the SE District,
I flew in 7 contests in Unlimited Class in 2010.
Results are as follows:
4.........First places
2.........Second places
1.........Third place
I love my plane!!
Wayne Matthews
2011 IMAC President

Just received this email, "Hello My name is Daniel Lenz Bauer I am from Austria, I fly the Extra 300 78 ".
The model is so cool. Have you really done a good job" Thanks for the support, Daniel!

manu from France writes, "Here's my new 125" Extra. Set up is as follows: DA170,sets KS avec les resos 1090B ,
Hitec 7950s all round, smartfly turbo 6. Yet another top model from Extreme Flight! Thanks" Thank you manu!

Blair Rittenhaus of Sugar Hill , GA with his 48 inch Extra 300EXPs, powered by Torque 2814T/820s
and Airboss Elite 45 Amp ESCs and using Hitec HS65MG servos. Blair says "I couldn't decide
between color schemes so I had to get both! Best 3D plane in this size, period."

Luke Brodrick writes, "Here is a picture of my Extreme Flight 125” Extra 300. I am running DA-150
on Re-3’s. JR 8911 on all surfaces, 2 on each aileron, 1 on each elevator and 2 on rudder.
JR 8231 on throttle. Smartfly EQ-6 Turbo with JR 921 receiver, controlled by JR 11X.
This plane is awesome, and I can’t wait to put more flights on it. This will be my IMAC plane for next year
here in Australia flying Intermediate.' Looks great!

Dennis Dierckx with his 48" Extreme Flight Yak 54-E Profile on a 4S setup

Haavard Johannessen of Norway sends us this picture of his 110" Yak, DA-120, MTW RE-2 Tuned pipes,
9 x Hitec HS-7955TG, AR9100 Power Safe reciver.He says "Its a monster."

Stephen "Sleepy C" Cinch of Flying Giants fame with his brand new 88 inch Edge 540T.
Sleepy hand cut Red Bull graphics for it (you are sick Sleepy!). DA-50 power pulls the Edge with authority!

"Charles Harris with his 88 inch Edge 540T after placing 2nd at the Tri-State Freestyle Shootout.
Charles' Edge is powered by a DA-50 running an ES Composites carbon fiber tuned pipe and uses
Hitec servos and a JR 11X for guidance. Charles is an up and coming 3D and freestyle monster
and we expect to see him on the podium quite often." Video of the flight can be found here:

We just received this email: "My name is Eddie camilleri I live in Australia,my Yak is on the front page of airbourne magazine
Yak 88", da50r on mtw re2 tuned pipe, hitec 5985 and 7995. Thank you I love this plane Eddie" Thank You Eddie!

Jasper Levrouw of Belgium sends us this note: "Here's a picture of me hovering my 74" yak 54
powerd by a dle30 with canister. It's a great plane of great quality.' Thank you for the support!

Filip Van Endert sends us this picture from his club, Model vleugels situated in Diepenbeek, Belgium.
The pilots in the photo are: in front from left to right: Carlo Vangompel,
Stijn Raskin, Filip Van Endert. Behind: Michael Lespinoy. Thank you for the Support Guys!!

Jeremy Baier of Oshkosh, WI writes: "Here is a picture of my daughter (and plane) on Fathers Day
before the maiden of her daddy's new Extreme Flight Edge 540 EXP. It flies like a foamy!
I am still dialing in little things and having fun with that elevator! WOW!"

Team Extreme and Team JR/Horizon pilot Lee Morey of Tuckerton, NJ with his Extreme Flight 125 inch Extra 300.
Lee's aircraft is powered with a DA-170 on MTW RE-3 tuned pipes and uses a
JR 12X for guidance along with JR 8711HV servos.

Our good friends "The Belgium Boys" (Jens, Wannes and Gino) with their fleet of Extreme Flight aircraft
including the 125" Extra 300, 110" Yak-54 and 48" Extra 300EXP. Hope to see you guys again soon!


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