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120" Turbo Bushmaster Tailwheel Assembly
120' Turbo Bushmaster Tailwheel Assembly

120" Turbo Bushmaster Tailwheel Assembly

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Legacy Aviation 120" Bushmaster

Extreme Flight and Legacy Aviation are excited to announce the release of the long awaited 120" Bushmaster! The brainchild of Cody Wojcik, this design builds on the legacy of the original 84" and 65" versions which have become must have additions to the hangars of RC enthusiasts around the globe. Renowned for its ability to be both a "relaxing but never boring" sport model as well as a fully capable bush style aerobat, the Bushmaster design has won legions of fans who simply want a great flying model with a unique appearance and style. Now Legacy Aviation delivers the next step in this series aimed at the giant scale enthusiast, the 120" Bushmaster! Designed around the Xpwr 60 brushless outrunner and the DA-70 twin cylinder gas engine, the Bushmaster delivers about as much fun as can be had with an RC aircraft with either choice of power plant. We've recently been flying our DA-70 powered version with a 2 into 1 header and single canister muffler setup which delivers quiet consistent power and long flight times. Of course the Xpwr 60 version with a 12S 5000+ mah battery setup provides excellent power and is clean and quiet. Whichever power system you choose, you are certain to have a most fulfilling flying experience!

The Bushmaster features a lightweight built up balsa and plywood airframe with strategically placed composite reinforcements to add strength and rigidity. It features a carbon fiber main gear and tailwheel assembly along with carbon fiber wing, stab and rudder mounting tubes and two gorgeous Ultracote (Oracover) color schemes. An expertly painted fiberglass cowl is standard fare along with a pro level hardware package. An optional float kit is also available for water based operations.

120" Turbo Bushmaster Assembly Manual

For reference, setting up aileron and flap mixes on various radios:

Noll's Jeti model file for the 84" Turbo Bushmaster.

Wingspan: 120.5 inches Length: 94 inches (including EF 4 inch spinner) Wing Area: 1800 sq. in. Weight: 24 - 26 lbs.
50-70cc gas engineDesert Aircraft DA 70cc with with 2-into-1 header and MTW 110 rear exhaust canister recommendedBlazing Star DA 70 standoffFlowMaster 24 or 34 oz. fuel tankEF blue fuel lineEF fuel dot
Xpwr 60cc Brushless Outrunner motorBlazing Star XXL Standoff SetCastle Creations HV160 electronic speed control12S 5000+ mAh batteries24x10 or 24x12 Xoar beechwood electric prop or 26x8 Falcon carbon fiber prop
EF 4 inch spinner, carbon fiber for gas or electric, or EF Elite for electric
Modern 7 channel computer radio
Qty. 7 high torque metal gear servos for control surfaces (MKS HV1220, HV777A+, HBL599 or HBL 380) Qty. 1 high speed servo for throttle (MKS 1250)Qty. 1 high torque metal gear mini servo for tailwheel steering (MKS 9767, Hitec 5245 or 7245)
Qty. 5 Extreme Flight Servo Arms - 2" single tapped for M3 (aileron, flaps, rudder)Qty. 2 Extreme Flight Servo Arms - 2" single tapped for M3 (elevators)Qty. 1 Extreme Flight Lightweight Servo Arm - 1.25" single for tailwheel steering
Qty. 2 EF MPX 2-wire plug for quick aileron and flap connectionQty. 2 EF 6 inch 20 awg for FlapsQty. 2 EF 24 inch 20 awg for Ailerons Qty. 1 EF 24 inch 20 awg for Throttle or ESCQty. 3 EF 36 inch 20 awg for Elevators, tailwheel servoQty. 1 EF 48 inch 20 awg for Rudder
EF Socket Head Servo ScrewsEF Anodized Washer setEF Servo Extension LocksEF 2 meter Velcro strap

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