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125" LASER -EXP - Printed Red/White/Blue Scheme
125' LASER -EXP - Printed Red/White/Blue Scheme

125" LASER -EXP - Printed Red/White/Blue Scheme

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Holy Smokes Smoke Pump help
Holy Smokes Smoke Pump [+$185.00]
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Desert Aircraft DA-170 (ships separately) [+$1,599.00]
DA 170 Canister Muffler Complete Set [+$548.00]
Blazing Star DA-170 Standoff [+$49.95]
Great Power GP-178 (ships separately) [+$1,549.00]
EF 5.5 Carbon Fiber Spinner
Clear Finish (carbon fiber pattern shows) [+$94.98]
Painted Black [+$94.98]
Painted White [+$94.98]
Painted Red [+$94.98]
Painted Dark Blue [+$94.98]
Painted Orange / Blue Jim Bourke Extra Scheme [+$109.99]
Fuel Xessories
Flow Master 50 oz. Fuel Tank [+$39.95]
FlowMaster Fuel Line - 2 meters [+$6.99]
FlowMaster Replacement O-rings (2) [+$0.50]
EF Fuel Dot - Black [+$4.99]
EF Fuel Dot - Red [+$4.99]
EF Fuel Dot - Blue [+$4.99]
EF Magnetic Fuel Dot - Black [+$14.99]
EF Magnetic Fuel Dot - Red [+$14.99]
EF Magnetic Fuel Dot - Blue [+$14.99]
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Qty. 10 MKS-HV777A+ Servos [+$1,035.53]
Qty. 10 MKS-HBL380 Servos [+$1,709.91]
Qty. 10 MKS-HBL599 Servos [+$1,709.91]
Qty. 1 MKS-HV1250 Throttle Servo [+$80.98]
Servo Arms
Qty. 6 EF 1.5" Single Servo Arm - 25T MKS, Futaba, Hitec (ailerons) [+$66.00]
Qty. 6 EF 1.5" Single Servo Arm - 24T Hitec (ailerons) [+$66.00]
Qty. 6 EF 1.5" Single Servo Arm - 23T JR (ailerons) [+$66.00]
Qty. 4 EF 2" Single Servo Arm - 25T MKS, Futaba, Hitec (elevator & rudder) [+$48.00]
Qty. 4 EF 2" Single Servo Arm - 24T Hitec (elevator & rudder) [+$48.00]
Qty. 4 EF 2" Single Servo Arm - 23T JR (elevator & rudder) [+$48.00]
150cc Wing Bag help
Padded Wing Bag for 150-200cc [+$119.99]
Padded Stab Bag for 100-200cc [+$39.99]
Servo Extensions
Qty. 3 EF 36" 20 awg servo extension [+$17.97]
Qty. 3 EF 24" 20 awg servo extension [+$15.66]
Qty. 4 EF 48" 20 awg servo extensions [+$31.94]
Qty. 2 MPX Multi-wire Servo Plug - 3 Wire [+$39.96]
Servo Safety Clips - 10/pk [+$6.99]
Socket Head Servo Screws - 30 count [+$2.49]
Socket Head Servo Screws - 100 count [+$4.99]
Black Anodized Washer set, 3.5 mm - 10 pack [+$8.99]
Red Anodized Washer set, 3.5 mm - 10 pack [+$8.99]
2M Velcro Strap - Black [+$5.99]
2M Velcro Strap - Blue [+$5.99]
2M Velcro Strap - Red [+$5.99]
Extreme Flight "X" Baseball Hat - Black [+$14.99]
Extreme Flight "X" Baseball Hat - Red [+$14.99]

170-200cc airframes ship via truck freight at a flat rate of $200 to a commercial business address. PLEASE NOTE: Commercial delivery business addresses are determined by the trucking company! If your business is in your home it is still considered a residential delivery by the trucking company and a $60 surcharge will be added. If the trucking company charges us the residential surcharge this same amount will be passed along to the customer.

Extreme Flight 125" Extra 300 EXP, 2 cylinder version

40% XA and 3D is here! Extreme Flight is Back in the Big Bird game! We've taken our legendary and contest proven 40% Extra 300 and integrated all of our new tech and aerodynamic tricks to create the ultimate 40% aerobatic beast! If low and slow is your thing, the Extra will become your best friend and you'll instantly feel comfortable and confident down low. If you like XA and precision flight characteristics the Extra will simply blow you away! Crisp and agile, the Extra has a super fast roll rate rivaling our 120cc models, beautiful snap characteristics and the ability to draw gorgeous lines in big sky aerobatic sequences. Available in 2 gorgeous standard (non printed) Oracover schemes including the officially licensed Jim Bourke full scale Extra scheme and a new RED/WHITE/BLACK scheme from graphic design wizard Arron Bates, the Extra is loaded with carbon fiber and composite laminates that has allowed us to reduce material thickness and overall weight while improving strength and rigidity. The large canopy/cockpit of the Extra is pre-finished with a detailed scale instrument panel and Pilot X figure and is ready to rock out of the box! Say goodbye to the lethargic 40% airframes of the past and step into the future of giant scale aerobatics with the Extreme Flight 40% Extra 300!

Extreme Flight V4 125" EXTRA 300 Changes and Assembly Manual with V4 Addendum
125 in. Extra V4 Addendum
125in Extra Hinge Addendum Here

Wingspan: 125 inches Length: 124 inches Wing Area: 2690 sq. in. Weight: 41- 44 lbs.
150cc -170 cc, 2 cylinder gas engine, Desert Aircraft DA 170 recommendedStock Mufflers or KS-95 rear exhaust canisters with 90mm header drop
5.5 inch
Radio: A modern radio with channel mixingServos: Qty. 10 high torque metal gear servos, MKS HBL 380, MKS HBL 599, MKS HV777A+Throttle Servo: MKS HV1250
Qty. 6 Extreme Flight 1.5 inch single servo arms (tapped 3mm) for Ailerons Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 2 inch single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for Elevators Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 2 inch servo arm (tapped for 3mm) for Push-Pull Rudder
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 3-wire MPX connectors for wingsQty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 36 inch for outboard Ailerons servosQty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24 inch for middle wing Ailerons servosQty. 4 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 48 inch for Elevators and Push-Pull Rudder servosQty. 1 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24 inch for Throttle servo