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140" Turbo Bushmaster - Red
140' Turbo Bushmaster - Red

140" Turbo Bushmaster - Red

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Falcon Carbon Gas Propeller - 27x11 [+$115.99]
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FlowMaster Xcessories
34 oz. Fuel Tank [+$22.40]
FlowMaster Fuel Line - 2 Meters [+$5.80]
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Fuel Dot
Blue Anodized Fuel Dot [+$4.20]
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Qty. 1 package (12) foam servo extension holders [+$2.40]
Scoket Head Servo Screws - 30 count [+$2.00]
Scoket Head Servo Screws - 100 count [+$4.20]
Black Anodized Washer set, 3mm - 10 pack [+$7.60]
Blue Anodized Washer set, 3mm - 10 pack [+$7.60]
Red Anodized Washer set, 3mm - 10 pack [+$7.60]
2m Velcro Strap - Black [+$5.04]
2m Velcro Strap - Blue [+$5.04]
2m Velcro Strap - Red [+$5.04]
Legacy Aviation Baseball Hat - Blue [+$11.99]
Extreme Flight "X" Baseball Hat - Black [+$11.99]
Extreme Flight "X" Baseball Hat - Red [+$11.99]
Wing Bag
Extreme Flight Padded Wing Bag - 140" Bushmaster [+$112.00]
Legacy Aviation 140" Bushmaster

Behold the Legacy Aviation 120cc MEGA Bushmaster! Designed by noted RC competitor and aerodynamicist Cody Wojcik, the Bushmaster series is the reigning King of RC STOL aircraft. The MEGA Bushmaster is the logical next step in the progression of this series, offering the giant scale enthusiast the ultimate platform for minimum roll take offs and landings, super stable low and slow maneuvering and all manner of flap/crow shenanigans. The Bushmaster features all of our latest construction materials and methods, resulting in an extremely light weight, yet strong and rigid airframe. It features a quick release wing mounting system and single bolt wing strut mounting, resulting in quick assembly at the flying field. Highly prefabricated, the Bushmaster goes together in a few evenings of basic assembly steps. Available in 2 awesome Ultracote color schemes, this giant bird is quite a sight to behold when assembled, and is guaranteed to turn heads at the flying field! Discover for yourself one of the most enjoyable flying experiences currently available, the 120cc MEGA Bushmaster!

Please note: The Mega Bushmaster is NOT an XA model! It is purpose designed for low and slow flying and flap/crow maneuvers, and with its light weight construction and unique aerodynamic package, has been fine tuned for this type of flying. If you are looking for an XA plane we literally make dozens of them! Please check out an Extreme Flight Slick, Extra, Edge, Laser or Gamebird for best in class XA performance!

140 TUrbo Bushamster Spec

120" Turbo Bushmaster Assembly Manual

For reference, setting up aileron and flap mixes on various radios:

Noll's Jeti model file for the 84" Turbo Bushmaster.
Alternate link to Bushmaster file for Jeti.

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