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52" Velox Revolution - Blue/White Scheme
52' Velox Revolution - Blue/White Scheme

52" Velox Revolution - Blue/White Scheme

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Power Combo
Airboss 80 amp ESC [+$109.60]
Xpwr T3910 motor [+$70.00]
Castle Creations Talon 90 ESC [+$89.95]
Xoar 15x7 Beechwood Electric Prop [+$11.99]
Xoar 15x6 Carbon Fiber Electric Prop [+$47.99]
Servo Option
Qty. 4 Hitec HS-5087MH Digital HV Premium Metal Gear Micro [+$150.00]
Qty. 4 MKS HV69 High Torque Micro Servo [+$225.00]
Servo Arms
Qty. 4 Light Weight Servo Arm-1.25 for Hitec [+$25.00]
Qty. 4 Light Weight Servo Arm-1.25 for MKS Futaba Savox [+$25.00]
Qty. 4 Light Weight Servo Arm-1.25 for JR [+$25.00]
Servo Extensions
Qty. 2 EF 6 28 AWG servo extensions [+$6.30]
Qty. 2 EF 18 28 AWG servo extensions [+$8.50]
Servo Safety Clips - 10/pk [+$7.25]
Accessories help
Radio South CA Hinges - 18/pack [+$2.89]
EF Socket Head Screws - 30 pack [+$2.50]
2M Velcro Strap - Black [+$6.30]
2M Velcro Strap - Blue [+$6.30]
2M Velcro Strap - Red [+$6.30]
Extreme Flight X Baseball Hat - Black [+$14.99]
Extreme Flight X Baseball Hat - Red [+$14.99]
52" Velox Revolution Blue/ White Scheme

What is a Velox?

The Velox Revolution is a full-scale aerobatic aircraft produced by Charlie Wolff at Velox Aviation. It was among the first piston-engine aerobatic designs to be produced from a majority of composite airframe parts. The Velox has been in production since the mid-1990’s, and as of 2017, Charlie had completed 10 copies, in both Revolution I (single-place cockpit) and II (dual cockpit) versions.

The Velox is an interesting design subject for an aerobatic model because it’s “right” in the full-scale design, (mid-low wing, low stab, low thrust line) and does not have to be molested much to optimize it as a model.

The 52”

Starting from this great base, the 52” version is a stellar performer. Sporting huge tail surfaces, the Velox slots into the 52” lineup as the hooligan airplane. Chris and I, talking about how to describe its mission, decided on “classic 3D flying” as the best descriptor. The Velox covers all the 3D bases with low coupling at high rudder throws, for super low and slow HAKE passes and tight spins, and easy in-your-face hover and torque-roll.

The Velox includes SFG’s and I fly with them on, as there’s no downside to them. They make the big rudder seem even bigger and damp out any unwanted roll motion, especially in a breeze. A fun note, the full-scale Velox actually has an option for SFG’s, so they’re a scale feature.

Construction and Assembly

The Velox builds in the same easy, confidence-inspiring sequence as our other 52” designs, with the self-centering horizontal stab system. All the hardware is the tested-and-true system from our other 52” aircraft, and it uses the same equipment, based around the awesome XPWR 3910 motor.

The Velox is available in two genuine Oracover schemes with a high-contrast bottom surface design for easy and quick orientation.

A personal note from designer, Ben Fisher.

The Velox has always been a special aircraft to me. 3DHobbyShop has produced several Velox aircraft over the years in various sizes, and they have always been a go-to airplane for crazy 3D flying. This Velox continues that tradition, but it’s so much better than aircraft of this size could ever be, back in the day. As much as the Extreme Flight construction system makes these aircraft a joy to assemble and own, it also makes the design process a joy. Light, strong, straight, stiff, durable and precise, these 52” aircraft are the pinnacle for small aerobats, and I’m very happy to add a Velox to the lineup.

An Extreme Flight Cyclone 57mm spinner is included!

Wingspan: 52 inchesLength: 51.5 inches with spinner\Wing area: 565 square inches Weight: 3.75-4 lbs.
Xpwr T3910 electric motorAirboss 80 amp electronic speed control14 x 7 or 15 x 7 electric prop4S 2500-3300 mAh batteries
57 mm
Qty. 4 Hitec 5087MH
Three stock servo arms for ailerons and rudderThe elevator uses a custom G10 servo arm extension included in the kit
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 28 AWG 6" servo extensions for aileronsQty. 2 Extreme Flight 28 AWG 18" servo extensions for elevator and rudder


MKS HV69 High Torque Micro Servo
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Xpwr T3910 Motor
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Radio South CA Hinge
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Extreme Flight  X Logo Hat - Red
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Velcro Strap 2M x 20mm - Black
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