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85" Muscle Bipe Yellow/Black Radial
85' Muscle Bipe Yellow/Black Radial

85" Muscle Bipe Yellow/Black Radial

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Extreme Flight 85" Muscle Bipe

At long last the Legacy Aviation 70cc Muscle Bipe has arrived! Inspired by the highly modified Waco known as the Mystery Ship, flown by the late airshow legend Jimmy Franklin, the Muscle Bipe delivers timeless and classic looks coupled with modern features and performance. Equally at home flying barnstormer airshow maneuvers as it is flying old school low and slow 3D, the Muscle Bipe's gentle manners inspire confidence for sport flyers and 3D enthusiasts alike.

Available in a dedicated radial engine version as well as a standard version for a 70cc twin gas engine or 12S 5000+ Watt electric setup, the Muscle Bipe is a versatile airframe designed to deliver maximum fun on a variety of power plants. The radial engine version is designed specifically for the Saito FG-90R3 gas radial and includes a bolt-in baffle to aid in cooling the engine cylinders.

The 70cc Muscle Bipe features quick connect mechanisms that allow it to be assembled and disassembled in a couple minutes at the flying field-without any tools! No more long and tedious assembly and tear down sessions that are typically associated with biplanes!

The Muscle Bipe features our state-of-the-art construction materials and methods, resulting in a lightweight, rigid and robust airframe. It features carbon fiber wing and stab tubes, carbon fiber landing gear and tailwheel assembly, carbon fiber main wing spars and fuselage longerons, g10/lite ply composite laminated internals and 2 gorgeous genuine Ultracote (Oracover) color schemes. Highly prefabricated, including pre-hinged and sealed control surfaces, the Muscle Bipe can be assembled in a couple evenings.

If you're looking for a beautiful, great flying biplane with classic looks and modern features and performance that is guaranteed to turn heads at the flying field, the 70cc Muscle Bipe is the one for you!

Be sure to add this awesome padded wing bag, to your order! Designed to fit all 4 wings, both stabs, outer wing struts and the carbon wing and stab tubes, the Extreme Flight padded wing bag will ensure that you arrive at the field in style with your airframe intact!
85" Muscle Bipe Assembly Manual

85 Muscle Bipe Spec