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88" Edge 540T Red/White/Blue

88" Edge 540T Red/White/Blue

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Xoar 24 x 10 Beechwood Electric Propeller [+$31.98]
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Qty. 2 EF 2 Servo Arm - 25T MKSFutaba Hitec [+$24.00]
Qty. 2 EF 2 Servo Arm - 24T Hitec [+$24.00]
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Qty. 1 EF 4 Double Servo Arm - 24T Hitec [+$19.00]
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Qty. 2 EF 48 20 awg servo extensions [+$15.98]
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Extreme Flight X Baseball Hat - Black [+$14.99]
Extreme Flight X Baseball Hat - Red [+$14.99]
Socket Head Servo Screws - 30 count [+$2.49]
Socket Head Servo Screws - 100 count [+$4.99]
Black Anodized Washer set 3mm - 10 pack [+$8.99]
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Blue Anodized Washer set 3mm - 10 pack [+$8.99]
2M Velcro Strap - Black [+$5.99]
2M Velcro Strap - Blue [+$5.99]
2M Velcro Strap - Red [+$5.99]
Extreme Flight R/C 88" Edge 540T

If aggressive 3D aerobatic flying is your passion, then the new Extreme Flight RC 50cc Edge 540T is the airframe you've been waiting for. Long heralded as the ultimate 3D platform, the Edge series of aircraft are known for their unmatched stability in high alpha flight and their aggressive gyroscopic tumbling maneuvers.
The 540T variant features a large 2 place canopy which places the tallest point of the fuselage closer to the center of gravity which results in improved knife edge performance over the single seat variant.
The Extreme Flight Edge 540T builds on this stellar reputation, offering unmatched flight performance and the quality construction and attention to detail that you've come to expect from an Extreme Flight product.

Available in 2 striking Ultracote color schemes with contrasting bottom, the Edge is a study in modern interlocking laser cut construction techniques, yielding a light weight yet durable airframe.
Aluminum angle landing gear mounts withstand season after season of harrier landings (and those not so perfect "normal" landings). Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes are stock equipment as is a carbon fiber tailwheel assembly.
Main gear are aluminum, and the cowl and wheel pants are fiberglass and finished in a high gloss paint job. Dual truss composite control horns, Dubro ball links, and titanium turnbuckle pushrods round out the completely useable hardware package (no cheap throw away junk hardware included!).
Just like all of our 50cc aircraft, the Edge fuselage has a built in pipe tunnel to allow easy installation of a tuned pipe or canister muffler. Now including larger EXP elevators and Side Force Generators!
Also included is a set of wing and stab bags and a canopy cover.

When you consider the performance and quality of an Extreme Flight airframe as well as the superior hardware and included accessories (not to mention after the sale support and replacement parts availability) you begin to see what a great value a purchase from Extreme Flight RC represents.

88in Edge 540 Assembly Manual

Wingspan: 88 inches Length: 85 inches Wing Area: 1450 sq. in. Weight: 17 - 18lbs 50cc - 60cc Gas Desert Aircraft DA-50, DA-60 and DA-70 are all excellent options Header Drop: 25mm for canister or tuned pipe applications Xpwr 60cc electric motorCastle Creations Edge HV-160 ESCElectric beechwood electric propeller: 23 x 10, 24 x 10, 24 x 12Spinner: 4" Modern computer radio with channel mixing capability and 5 high torque servos (250+ oz. in.) on control surfaces, standard servo on throttle.(Hitec 7955, 7950, Futaba 9157 or similar)


Extreme Flight 4
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Extreme Flight 4
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Servo Extension - 20 AWG - 6 inch
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Servo Extension - 20 AWG - 24 inch
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MKS X8 HBL380 HV Brushless Servo
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MKS X8 Hub Set
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MKS X8 2
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FlowMaster 17 oz. Gas Tank
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FlowMaster 24 oz. Gas Tank
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Xpwr 60CC Motor
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Xoar 24x10 Beechwood Electric
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Xoar 24x12 Beechwood Electric
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Castle Creations Phoenix EDGE 160 HV
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