Received this email from Chili, "Dear Chris, As we talked today I'm sending you the pics and description of the Extra 88" I own. EXTRA 300 88" Motor: Hacker A6018L ESC: Hacker / Jeti Advance 90 Plus, Aileron and elevator servos, Hitec HS-7955TG Rudder servo: HS-7950TH 15Amps BEC 12CH JR Receiver 3 satellites. 2 X 6S 5000 mAh battery pack for motor. 2S 1900 mAh to Receiver. This is the best airplane I have ever flown. From the first flight vicious less knife edges, outstanding performance of snake rolls, lomcevaks. Superb execution of 4 and 8 point rolls, high alpha rolls and suicide slides. -- Nicolás "Lomcevaker" Zamorano" Thanks for the Support!!
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