Buddy Yaks!
Recieved this in my email today, "Please find enclosed pictures of excellent EF YAK 54 110". I have the red/white scheme and my friend has black/yellow version. Both YAKs are powered by same engine 3W-110 ib2, MTW RE2 tuned pipes and Mejzlik 29x10 Evo propeller. Planes are equiped by Sullivan smoke system, Hitec servos (my has HS-7950 on 7,4V, another has HS-7955 on 6V). My red/white Yak is equiped by Powerbox Competition SRS with JR DSM2 satelites and controled by JR DSX9 transmitter. My friend has used powerbox Evolution and Futaba remote system. EF YAK 110" has really excelent flight characteristics I think like a 40% size plane. I believe I will have chance try your 123" or 104" Extra in near future :-) . Best regards Rostislav Lesniak and Martin Koch Czech Republic" Thanks for the support Guys!
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