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Desert Aircraft DA-120 Twin Gas Engine
Desert Aircraft DA-120 Twin Gas Engine

Desert Aircraft DA-120 Twin Gas Engine

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Part Number:DA-120

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Desert Aircraft DA-120 Muffler [+$185.00]
Falcon Carbon Gas - 27x11 [+$95.00]
Falcon Carbon Gas - 28x10 [+$105.00]
Flowmaster Fuel Tank
Flowmaster 34 oz. fuel tank [+$26.99]
FlowMaster 1/8 (3mm) fuel line - 2 meters [+$6.99]
Blazing Star Standoff
DA-120 Standoff [+$49.95]
DA-120 Delrin spacer kit [+$9.99]
Desert Aircraft DA-120 Twin Gas Engine

The ultimate combination of performance and reliability! The DA120 is the well proven and popular choice for 100 to 120cc airframes. With it's light weight and awesome power and acceleration, the DA120 is the dominate engine at most Freestyle events.

Please note: mufflers are not included.

Displacement: 7.4 ci (121 cc) Weight: 4.95 lbs (2.25 kilos) Length: 6.25 in (159 mm) RPM Range: 1,300 to 6,900 Warranty: Three year Bolt Circle: 29mm Prop Bolt: (6) 5mm
Three crankshaft bearings, with broad spacing between front bearings. Four petal reed valve, bottom induction. Desert Aircraft, auto advance, electronic ignition. Walbro Carburator Exclusive Desert Aircraft designed cylinders, pistons, and crankshaft. CNC milled, 7075 aluminum alloy crankcase. Aerobatic power curve.
2-Blades 27x11 27x12th 28x10 28x12 29x9 29x10 3-Blades 26x12 27x12th on Tuned Pipes


FlowMaster 34 oz. Gas Tank
In Stock.
FlowMaster Fuel Line - 2 Meters
In Stock.
Blazing Star DA-120/GP-123 Standoff
In Stock.
Blazing Star DA-120 Delrin Spacer Set
In Stock.
Falcon 27x11 CF Gas Prop
In Stock.
Falcon 28x10 CF Gas Prop
In Stock.
Desert Aircraft DA 120 Mufflers
Out of Stock.