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Great Power GP-61 Gas Engine
Great Power GP-61 Gas Engine

Great Power GP-61 Gas Engine

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Part Number:GP-61

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Falcon Carbon Gas - 24x9 [+$75.00]
Falcon Carbon Gas - 24x8 [+$75.00]
Flowmaster Fuel Tank
Flowmaster 17 oz. fuel tank [+$22.99]
FlowMaster 1/8 (3mm) fuel line - 2 meters [+$6.99]
Great Power GP-61 Gas Engine

The tightest tolerance with every component, GP-61 is a real monster. Every piston and cylinder are tolerance checked and matched, this ensures that the clearances are correct, and the power is maximum. Customized GP ignition not only produces smooth transition but is also easy to start. Comparing with other brands, GP-61 offers much more power and at a more reasonable price. The made-for-flight design ensure the best power-to-weight ratio for maximum flight performance. GP61 weighs less than 1500 grams and cranks out more than 6.5 horsepower from a durable and long-lasting engine. The power-to-price ratio is impressive!

Please note: a muffler is included with the GP-61.

Displacement: 61cc Bore: 46.5mm RPM Range: 1600-8900 Output: 6.5 Horsepower 7500 with Mejzlik 24×8 Evo/ 7400 with GP Prop 24×8/ 7100 with Falcon 24×9
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1 Weight: Engine: 1440g/ Ignition: 136g/ Muffler: 160g Gasoline: 92 Unleaded Gasoline/Oil Mix Ratio: 40:1 Carburetor: Walbro HAD 2246 Spark Plug: NGK CM-6Muffler included
2-Blades 24x9 24x10 25x8


FlowMaster 34 oz. Gas Tank
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FlowMaster Fuel Line - 2 Meters
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Blazing Star DA-120/GP-123 Standoff
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Blazing Star DA-120 Delrin Spacer Set
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Falcon 27x11 CF Gas Prop
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Falcon 28x10 CF Gas Prop
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Desert Aircraft DA 120 Mufflers
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