Hobbywing ESC Introduction

Extreme Flight is excited to announce that we are now dealers for the Hobbywing line of ESCs and accessories.

Hobbywing has been a leader in the development of reliable and innovative products with unique feature sets and we feel their products are an excellent choice to pair with our Xpwr and Torque motors as part of an ultra high performance power system. The internal BEC in the non-Opto versions of the Hobbywing controllers is extremely robust and capable of providing up to 8 volts for HV servo applications. Hobbywing controllers can be programmed direct from your transmitter or from the Hobbywing Multifunction LCD Program box (sold separately) or wirelessly from your smart phone using the Hobbywing App and the WIFI Express Module (sold separately). When purchasing the components for your next airframe please consider the high quality products from Hobbywing.

Recommended Settings for Xpwr Motors
Brake: Off
Battery Type: LiPo
LVC: Off
Flight Mode: Airplane Fixed Wing
Auto Rotation Restart Time: Off
Advanced Timing: 22 degrees
PWM: 16 khz
LiPo: 6 or 12
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