July Photo Contest Winner!

A fellow club member took this picture of Kelly's Extra getting low.

Kelly's Extra is guided by a Spektrum DX9 with Power Safe receiver using MKS HV-777 and HBL-380's servos. For power, Kelly chose a Desert Aircraft DA 120.

Thank you for sending the pic, Kelly. A care package is on the way!

Be sure to submit your entry for EF's monthly photo contest. Entry is very easy, just send us a picture of you with your Extreme Flight models along with a description of the equipment you used and a sentence or two about your experience with the model. We will add your photo to the gallery and at the end of each month EF staff member Zach Havener will select one photo as Photo of the Month. A prize will be shipped your way! At the end of the year one of these photos will be selected for photo of the year and the winner will receive an EF airframe! Please send all submissions to [email protected]

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