Lowie's 60
We just received this letter: "Hello Extreme-flight I'm Lowie Becaus and I've got the best weekend of my life with the new Extreme-flight Extra 300 EXP 60" V2 and I wanna thank you again for this great airplane! This is my third EXP and my best! It is stable as the 70" Extra 300 EXP and sharp as the 48" Extra 300 EXP. I'm sorry I chanced the colours, but in Belgium everybody loves EF so much that everyone has the same airplane! Thats why i did a little upgrade! I fly the recommanded Torque 4016T-500 with a Castle Ice 100 lite ESC speedcontroller and a 10 AMP bec. And finally the recommanded Hitec HS-5245MG servo's. Extreme-flight is just the best and keep making such great planes please!!! " Thanks for the support and the plane looks Great!
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