Ray and Taylor, DA Australia
Recieved this message at our Facebook Page, "Hello MR Extreme Flight ! I have just purchased an EF 91" from Steve Richardson from DA Australia ! I have flown a few mid market planes until I could afford one if yours ! I couldn't put the 70cc which I wanted but had a DA 5o early version laying around so I built it up two weeks ago before our Nationals here In Australia ! It was a little under powered due to the engine size ... But .. That little baby just helped me look fantastic and compete with world class pilots for the first time .. Something I have only dreamed day and night the last 3years ! Thank you very much for building such a darn straight shooting plane like These ! Now my daughter is moving to sportsman next year and looking to fly it in freestyle as well ! Proud moment ! Any way thanks a million to all your Team !! Regards Ray and Taylor Murray" Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the support!
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