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The Scorpion Tribunus line of ESCs use military spec components, and have some very advanced and unique features on the software side. They have a very complex drive algorithm which gives about 8-12% more torque and efficiency (efficiency = power) than any other ESC on the market. The ESCs also have dynamic timing, and dynamic frequency. The ESC is constantly adjusting the timing and frequency depending on the rpm and load of the motor automatically to get you the most torque and fastest ramp up rates possible. The Tribunus series is one of the safest ESC products on the market. It has multiple protection features built in to prevent it from catching fire, even if a component happens to fail. They feature full data logging and telemetry options for many radio systems. A very important feature of the Tribunus series is that they can handle high pole count motors like the Xpwr and Hacker 28 pole motors.

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Scorpion Tribunus II 12-130A ESC SBEC
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Scorpion Tribunus II 14-200A ESC SBEC
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Scorpion V Link II Cable
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Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan Alu (30mm)
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Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan (40mm)
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Scorpion Tribunus 06-80A ESC SBEC
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