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Skywing Force 70 Power Combo (60" Models)
Skywing Force 70 Power Combo (60' Models)

Skywing Force 70 Power Combo (60" Models)

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This is a power pack specially developed for 3D model aircraft with a wingspan of 60-61 inches. This is a combination set using 6S power battery! After careful screening and long-term flight durability testing, we require lightweight and compact! So we made special detail optimization! We also made special design and special size requirements for ESC output wires and motor output wires. During the installation process, you only need to connect according to the color of the wires to realize the forward rotation of the motor! The overall installation effect is more concise and elegant! The transparent heat shrinkable tube in the box is used to wrap the ESC output wire and the motor output wire The connection between! The design details are in place!

When customers use these combination packages, they only need to correct the throttle stroke setting! Other parameters do not need to be set! Perfectly solve the troubles of customers when choosing equipment! A very convenient combination package!

1. No need for any programming of the device
2. ESC default output voltage is 7.4V, supports 6.0-8.4V voltage speed regulation
3. ESC has welded XT90 power connector
4. The ESC design of the all-aluminum shell helps to dissipate heat better!