Wayne's Extras
Wayne Dickey sent this picture in of his twin Extras with custom graphics. Wayne write, "The Extra 300 (104) is powered by DA 120, Futaba 8 Channel radio with BLS 157 servos across the board, using the PowerBox Competition Power management system/ignition switch, and two Futaba SBus receivers into the PowerBox. I am also using two Fromeco 5200 mah Lipo batteries into the PowerBox and one Fromeco 2600 mah Lipo for the ignition. For the 60” Extra EXP I am using your Power Combo with the Airboss 80 Elite ESC and the Torque 4016/500 brushless motor. Again Futaba 8 channel radio with the Hitec HS-7245 servos. The battery is the Turnigy 5000 MaH 6S Lipo driving the APC 15X6 prop. Basically all of the gear that you recommend. I have yet to fly the plane, but I know it is going to be exciting. Thanks for all that you do to support the hobby. You are greatly appreciated." No Wayne, Thank You for the support, we do appreciate it!
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