A detailed explanation written by Ben Fisher of the proper applications for the new Xpwr motors.

XPWR 30CC applications:

3DHobbyShop aircraft, roughly 10-11 pounds RTF, such as 75" Extra, 74" Edge, 71" Slick are recommended for the 30CC motor. They come with a wooden extension box to mount an electric motor and don't need a separate standoff set. Fly these on 12S 3000-3600mah, the 30CC XPWR, an 80-100amp ESC, and a 19x10 or 20x8 prop. Personally, I fly these on 12S 3300 65C Pulse batteries, Castle 80 amp ESC, and a 20x8 prop. You can see the excess of thrust in the video, as that's my 74" edge. Mine makes a little over 3200 watts, giving me over 300 watts per pound of aircraft, which is exactly what we want.

XPWR 35CC applications:

Extreme Flight 74" Edge, 74" Laser are perfect airframes for the 35CC at 12+ pounds or so. 12S 3700 mah lipo is my choice, I use Pulse 45C and 65C. On a 20x10 or 21x8 or 21x10 (depends how powerful your individual batteries and your weather/altitude) you'll look for about 3600W to give you, again, about 300 watts per pound. We have custom-fit BlazingStar standoffs for these combos in stock for easy, quick mounting. The 35CC is also an excellent choice for a light setup on the 78" Extreme flight MXS. You're still very close to 300 Watts/pound. Use a 120 amp ESC on the 35CC.

XPWR 40CC applications:

The 40CC is intended for the 78" Extra at around 14+ lbs and the 79" Slick at about 15+ pounds. I have one in a 78" MXS and it's outstanding (you can see it ripping out of hover in the video) but totally excessive. Fun, though. In the Extra it provides power for the kind of big, roaring upline maneuvers the plane wants to do. Fly this one on a 21x10 or 22x10 prop, whatever gets you a little over 4000 watts. For me, that's a 21x10 most days, and 12S 4400mah packs. That gives me 4300 watts for about 300 watts/pound in the MXS. On the Slick I swap back and forth between 12S 4400 and 12S 5000 on a 22x10. This gives about 4500W or, again, close to 300 watts/pound, but propping down to a 21x8 or 21x10 doesn't give up much, and is still about 280 watts/pound, and I do this on hot days. For the 78" MXS and Extra, order our BlazingStar standoff kit. The 40CC with a 22x8 or 22x10 also works well for the lighter class of 50CC airplanes, like the classic 3DHobbyShop 87" Extra 300 SHP. 4500 watts gives about 250 watts per pound on a plane like this. Plenty. Much more than we used to have back on the day when we thought 3000 watts was "killer" on a 50CC plane. Heh. Use a 120 amp ESC minimum on the 40CC.

XPWR 60CC applications:

Big 50-60CC planes or 70CC planes. All the extreme flight 88-91" planes. We fly this on 12S 5000-6000mah with 24" props 9-10-12" pitch. Whatever prop it takes for your setup to have about 6000 watts is good. You have about 300 watts per pound to play with, and as you can see in the video, it tosses the big 91" Yak around like nothing. Use a 160 amp ESC, nothing less. BlazingStar standoff kit is on the way.

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