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Checklist - Setup on the Bench

Posted by Ben on 8/29/2016 to Tips N Tricks
Checklist on the building bench before heading to the field:

1.Controls go in the correct direction. Most commonly reversed are the ailerons. When you push the aileron stick to the RIGHT, the RIGHT aileron should go UP.


Checklist - Setup at the Field

Posted by Ben on 8/17/2016 to Tips N Tricks
After the "Setup on the Bench", the following will ensure you are set up to fly when at the field. 

1.Install the wings *DO NOT get distracted by the beautiful people at your flying field*.

Being distracted when fastening wings or plugging in ailerons is one of the most common ways to ruin your day. Make sure the wing screws are in and tight. Make sure the aileron servo plugs are correct and locked (at least with tape). Make sure the battery is WELL STRAPPED IN with a strap that goes AROUND the pack and tray. Make sure the pack is IN THE CORRECT PLACE where you balanced the plane to get your forward CG location.

Set a 3 minute timer on your radio.